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The amount of exercise and the level of physical fitness of athletes can be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively by measuring health and sports information, ensuring effective results on physical fitness.

The development of Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technology provides us with a new perspective and technical means for management technology in high-performance sports. Faced with the current problems in the field of high performance athletes, this work designs and implements a dynamic management technology based on the concept of the Internet of Things and Blockchain.

Blockchain & Salud - Deportes Alto Rendimiento

First, based on an in-depth analysis of the current state of theoretical research and the application of the Internet of health at home and abroad, theories and methods of gathering sports and health information are studied.

The reception of data through sensors (temperature, acceleration, power, lactic acid, etc.) and connectivity of devices (Blood Analysis, etc.) are used to collect the data before during and after exercise, in this way human health and exercise conditions can be estimated a posteriori.

Added to all this we solve the privacy problem in the collection and transmission of Internet of Things by adding Blockchain technology. In such a way that they are not only collected confidentially, but it is the user who establishes the control of the data use, and their safe transfer, endowing registration functionality and stock of data use with third parties.

Machine learning methods are used to manage information and data and be able to work with real-time detection and management of the athlete's physical condition.

Working with a system that provides us with the use of information in real time, shows us that the functions and technical performance indicators for the evolution of athletes and high-performance sports, in the conditions in which the exercises are carried out, can be managed in a totally safe way, always with the approval of the end user, who is in charge and responsible for making the data in the system a reality. Added to all this we solve the privacy problem in the collection and transmission of Internet of Things by adding Blockchain technology.

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Access security and data privacy

The user has and manages full access to their data and control over how they would be shared. The user assigns a set of access permissions and designates who can consult and write data, being able to establish control of access deadlines by roles in their Wallet.

The framework provides a control panel that allows the user to see who has requested access to the data being able to grant access permission to them. The user consults the audit trail of who accessed their Wallet, including when and what data was accessed to. Both the people and the devices that request access to the data, obtain a unique identifier in the system capable of providing traceability in the data chain in a totally secure and confidential manner.

From the web and/or mobile application, the user grants and revokes permissions to all those in the system who have obtained an identifier and who need to be able to work with the data the athlete has created at all times in his Wallet.

Access control permissions are flexible and granular in such a way that we can provide the system with added value and manage more than "all or nothing"

The user sets up specific and detailed transactions about who has access, what time period is allotted for access, and the particular types of data that can be accessed. Access control policies are also stored securely on the blockchain and only the user can change and update roles.

This provides us with a transparency environment and allows the user to make all decisions about what data is collected and how it can be shared.

Once a provider (may be healthcare, legal, etc.) gains access to a user's medical information, they query the Wallet for the user's data and use the digital signature to authenticate the data.

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