Is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Right for your organization?

But experts resources in security tools should not stand still: from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to real-time threat detection and adaptive risk protection, cybersecurity services are evolving to offer IT security teams the breadth of knowledge and depth of functionality they need to address emerging risks.

The challenge lies in recognizing and reducing complexity. . As the volume and value of information security initiatives expand, it's easy for internal teams to lose focus on fundamentals and being out of place when it comes to selecting the best tools and their implementation and production.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) collaboration proposals offer a potential solution, but only when they are used effectively and with a strategy according to the added value the business needs. It is absolutely essential to understand the basic benefits of managed security, its key strengths and when appeal on those strengths can help you organize your managed security tool schedules, so that response times to threats approach zero.

Managed Security Service Catalog

Threat Management Services

Our services can help your organization protect critical assets, detect advanced threats, quickly responds and recover from outages.

The work methodology and threat management integrate the capabilities and activities of penetration testing, managed security services, incident response, artificial intelligence and a digital protection platform based on Blockchain Security Services.

Firewall Management

Get an enhanced security posture with custom managed firewall protection, more solid and dynamic management in less time with fewer resources.

Is your presence, mobility and social business approaching in the public cloud? Can't tell users to leave their own devices behind due to increased security concerns?

Managed Firewall setting presents a fixed-price model and a vendor-neutral approach that can reduce costs and risk, while helping you better manage compliance and meet the demands of a highly changing world.

Intrusion detection and prevention services

Better protect your networks from Internet attacks with a flexible pricing model tailored to your needs.

Intrusion detection and prevention system management is designed to provide robust, real-time monitoring, management, analysis, and security decisions of networks and servers.

The set of rules and decisions are based on both, the study of the forensic part and the learning of the behavior of the assets involved in the environment.

A simplified fixed pricing model helps reduce risk and management complexity at a reduced cost compared to traditional solutions.

Our vendor-agnostic approach helps you improve your security posture and we can customize and integrate the service with your own branding.

Managed SD-WAN.

Let's take the first step in the Zero Trust strategy.

We are facing times of greater change in less time and securing today's enterprise is increasingly difficult, as there are more endpoints and WAN access networks to protect than ever before. Users demand access to applications and data outside the traditional security perimeter, and the cybercrime environment is increasingly hostile.

If we apply the concepts of the Zero Trust security model with the secure WAN service defined by SD-WAN software, we are facing the best scenario and strategy of a Zero Trust model.

This vendor-agnostic, managed model of technologies that work with its existing network infrastructure can improve network security, reduce costs, and simplify daily operations.

END-to-END Cloud Security Services

Companies are adopting the cloud because the needs of business innovation are outpacing the capabilities of the local environment due to the reduced deployment time, start-up, and bring benefits to the current business.

However, the cloud presents new cybersecurity challenges. All of them backed by a extensive experience in cybersecurity industry.

Cloud security services can help you transform your security practices into a successful approach at every stage of your cloud journey, and stay ahead of security threats.

To help you gain visibility, control, and security expertise for your hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, our security services can help you no matter where you are on your cloud journey, allowing you to focus on cloud transformation and drive business innovation.

Security Services at the END POINT

With technologies like mobile, IoT, and the cloud, organizations are connecting new and different types of endpoints to their business environment. Meanwhile, the sophistication of cyber attacks continues to increase by the minute.

As a result, it is quite difficult to ensure the security of all endpoints in your company. This is often compounded by the fact that you may not have the necessary skills and experience to manage endpoints security in-house without impacting corporate services.

END POINT's managed security model gives us industry-leading tools and technologies and over 30 years of endpoint security experience to help protect your environment 24 hours a day. Our service delivery team currently manages multiple platforms, securing several thousand endpoints on different client architectures.

Managed Detection and Response Services

With the growing number of laptops, desktops, and remote workers due to COVID-19 in recent times, sophisticated cybercriminals have even more doors open for your organization. From these entry points, they can often go deep and go unnoticed.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services deliver a 24/7 out-of-the-box threat detection, prevention and rapid response capability powered by threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting to identify and remediate advanced threats.

Managed services include endpoint detection and response tools for detailed behavior-based investigations. Proprietary tactics, techniques and procedures in threat hunting and exploitation, and next-generation antivirus for behavior-based blocking and ongoing policy management, ensure corrective actions are applied effectively without impacting corporate services.

Managed Identity and Authentication Services

Every day we need to automate identity and access management processes to boost user collaboration.

Your organization relies on technology to provide rapid access to data and foster collaboration among employees, business partners, vendors, and customers. But increased complexity, growing regulatory requirements, and privacy concerns make managing access and authorization levels the number one important business challenge.

Identity and Authentication Managed Services are provided to help you manage user access more effectively and protect your business data from unauthorized use in accordance with your current compliance policy implemented in the company.

Managed Identity and Authentication Services offer IAM as a managed service, based on results to meet your needs in a cost-effective way, with real-time access verification and reporting capabilities to provide the corporate environment with the security of resource access control and corporate data in full. We are at the first step, GDPR compliance.

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