Key features,
benefits, drawbacks
and limits.

Transform existing business models or create new ones.

At this point, smart contracts have contributed to spreading knowledge about the different elements that make up this technology and its potential.

Nature of Smart Contract

The generic use of the term contract describes a figure that undoubtedly has a clear technological scope: "smart contract"..

Strategic Benefits

Blockchain brings clear benefits to contractual terms of "Confidence and Reliability", "Security" and "Cost Reduction and Scalability".

Smart contracts, especially their practical
implementation in Blockchain Bussinesses.

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It is you who makes the agreement; there is no need to rely on a broker, lawyer or other intermediaries to confirm.

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Your documents are encrypted in a shared ledger. There is no way anyone can tell there is data loss.

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In Blockchain, each and every one of your friends (NODES) has your back. Your documents are duplicated many times, as many as nodes.

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Cryptography, website encryption, keep your documents safe. There is no hacking possible in a Blockchain architecture.

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Smart contracts use software code to automate tasks, shaving hours off a variety of business processes.

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Smart contracts allow you save money by eliminating the presence of an intermediary.

Smart contracts, and their
practical implementation in Blockchain businesses.

Technological Issues with Legal Significance

When facing the legal design of a business that has among its gears Blockchain, Smart Contractsand Cryptoactive technologies, the technological aspect is essential, since its initial configuration and its own limitations will condition the legal solution.

Consensus Mechanisms

The strength of a consensus algorithm is generally measured in terms of the fraction of faulty processes that it can tolerate. It is recommended that we should always look for a consensus system that, adapted to the requirements of each use, be the most efficient.


The process of "digitizing" assets to convert them into tokens through Smart Contracts is called tokenization. The token acts as a property title and its transmission would imply the transfer of ownership.

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