The high cost and complexities of internal cybersecurity operations

An increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape is creating problems for companies of all sizes: severe alert fatigues, vendor overload and complex compliance issues.

Cyber attacks continue increasing, as does the scarcity of people who can respond quickly and efficiently. With over 1.5 million cybersecurity jobs vacancies, many companies can't find the right cybersecurity protection.

Discovering a cyberattack quickly is crucial for your organization. The longer the dwell time of an incident, the more difficult and costly it will be to retain, remediate and contain.

Our team has real experience in both, offensive and defensive cybersecurity. We offer services such as penetration testing, red/blue teamwork, social engineering exercises, as well as incident response and digital forensics.

Noise Reduction Ratings

At the core of our SOC-as-a-service we have a certified professional team, security engineers who work as an extension of your threat intelligence team 24 hours a day. To keep your business safe and secure in a constantly changing environment, they are experts who know how to stay ahead of threats.


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Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Proactive vulnerability management.
  • Continuous scanning of systems, collection and proactive advanced intelligence.
  • Prioritize remediation responding to potential business impacts.
  • Complete assets management, threat assessment, and on-demand remediation guide.
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Detecting and monitoring of cyber threats

  • Network Traffic Monitoring 24x7
  • Unlimited record management.
  • Continuous cloud monitoring and enhanced threat detection.
  • Dedicated concierge security teams provide 24/7 incident support.
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Containment and incident responses

  • Custom dynamic rule engines that provide solutions to problems in real time.
  • Definition with Machine Learning to quarantine incidents before they affect your networks.
  • Seamlessly expand your SecOps team with our Security Team + Hybrid AI resources.

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